How to digitise the visitor declaration form at an entrance

Every public places started requesting all the visitors to fill up the health/travel declaration form and check the temperature in order to prevent those who have COVID-19 / Corona Virus from entering. This is very important to prevent further outbreak, but have you ever felt that filling up the paper form is very hassle ? Let me share how to digitise this declaration form.

QR code -> Web Form on visitor’s mobile

Your visitors can fill up their own mobile phone. But it should be hassle to type the URL manually. You should try the QR code. Most of the phone has QR code scanner feature, or QR code scanner app. It will enable guests to access to the web form quickly.

Custom E-Declaration Form

The declaration form is like the one on this image. There are basic contact information such as name, last 3-4 digits of IC, mobile number. The important parts are temperature, declaration about health/travel. Don’t forget to get the consent of collecting personal information.

We are happy to help you to design the custom declaration form. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.