How to organise a webinar

Every business event organisers reschedule or cancel their events due to the COVID-19 in this period. This situation might make you to consider organise virtual events, such as “webinar”, but it might be difficult for the conventional event organiser to switch to virtual.

Select the webinar tool

First you have to select the tool of live streaming. There are quite number of providers, free/paid. Among the providers, YouTube is the largest video sharing platform which provide you the broadcasting for your webinar. Live is easy to setup, stable and free of charge. It is good for a beginner of a virtual event. You just create YouTube account, setup the event in YouTube Live.

If you create an event in YouTube Live, the following tasks are remained.

Create Landing Page

You need to build a landing page where your guest watch the live streaming. In Ez-RSVP, you can fully customize the page design so it helps your branding. Also, you will be able to track the attendance of your guests, and duration of attending your webinar.

Create Invitation Email

You need to invite your guests to your webinar. Ez-RSVP enables you to design the beautiful invitation email for your webinar.

Send Invitation Email

Send the invitation email to your guests.

Manage RSVP Response

Although this is the webinar, you should get the RSVP so that you can check what kind of guests join your webinar, and how many guests attend. On the Ez-RSVP, your guest just click on the accept/decline button for RSVP. Our system can capture the response automatically.

Send Confirmation Email

Once guest accept the invitation, confirmation email will be sent to them automatically. If it is live event, QR code is on the email, but in a webinar, you can add the webinar landing page link.

Let’s start a webinar !

If you need our help, please feel free to let us know.

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