How to make use of QR code for your event

About QR code

QR code is a common technology which can be seen everywhere in these days. This was originally made by Denso Wave back in 1994, which is a subsidiary of TOYOTA. They developed the code for the purpose of helping in the manufacturing process, by tracking vehicles and parts. It was designed to enable fast scanning speeds, hence the name is Quick Response code

QR code Check-in

In the event management, QR code is used in “onsite check-in”. Unique QR code is generated and delivered to the guests in advance. The guests just present the QR code for scanning. The scanning takes 2-3 seconds per person. The onsite registration system updates the check-in status upon scanning. This is much faster than the manual method using paper list. You will be able to reduce the man power for the registration counter.

How to generate unique QR code ?

Unique QR code is automatically generated when you upload the guest list to the Ez-RSVP. You can easily send such confirmation QR code by the email blasting feature. You can customize the email design/text.

What software/hardware is required for QR code scanning ?

A QR code scanner is required for scanning. The QR scanner can capture the information inside the QR code image. There are a lot of QR code scanners. Smartphone/tablets camera also have the function to capture the QR code. But in the event, that is not enough. You have to use the event onsite registration software. Our Ez-Onsite can capture the QR code by our app, or laptop’s webcam, or external USB QR code scanner.