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Explore our comprehensive event management platform, enavle, tailored to streamline your event processes from inception to onsite execution. Facilitating seamless online registration, onsite QR code check-in, instant badge printing, and reliable technical support, enavle is your partner in delivering memorable event experiences effortlessly.

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Event Onsite Registration Service

Effortlessly Manage Event Registrations with enavle

Elevate Your Event with enavle - The Ultimate Event Management Platform

The ultimate solution for hybrid events, seamlessly managing both virtual and physical aspects. Elevate your event experience with our all-in-one platform


Unlock the Potential of Virtual Events with enavle's Platform

enavle's virtual event platform offers a seamless experience with features such as web-based viewing pages, sponsor branding, multi-track sessions, real-time content delivery, audience engagement tools and much more. Elevate your virtual event with enavle and achieve measurable results.


Efficient Onsite Check-in and Badge Printing with enavle

Streamline check-in and enhance the professional appearance of your physical events with enavle's Onsite Registration. Quickly register and check-in attendees using QR code scanning and print badges instantly, all while keeping track of real-time data to ensure a seamless event experience.


Elevate Hybrid Experience with enavle's Seamless Management

enavle offers comprehensive solution for Hybrid Events, allowing you to manage both online and offline attendees. Virtual Platform for remote streaming and Onsite Registration for check-in and badge printing. Archive feature allows attendees to view recorded sessions and gather data on engagement and interests.


Effortlessly Manage Event Registrations with enavle

Using enavle's registration features, event coordinators can simplify ticket acquisition for participants, effortlessly integrating payment methods like Stripe and PayPal. No more manual payment monitoring — benefit from immediate sales data. Plus, enavle empowers you to tailor registration forms and introduce discount codes, amplifying ticket sales. This comprehensive platform ensures an uncomplicated, streamlined event registration and payment experience.

e-Invites / RSVP

Elevate RSVP Experience with enavle

enavle's RSVP tool revolutionizes event coordination. Simply upload your attendee list and dispatch beautifully crafted invitation emails aligned with your event's visual theme—no tech expertise necessary. Invitations come with straightforward "Attend" or "Decline" responses, and the dashboard categorizes replies as "Attending," "Not Attending," or "Awaiting Response."

What elevates this tool? Its comprehensive email tracking. Stay updated with real-time insights on email opens, interactions, bounces, and opt-outs. Harness this knowledge to optimize your event decisions.

Onsite Registration

Streamline Your Onsite Check-in and Badge Printing with enavle's Onsite Registration

With enavle's Onsite Registration tool, streamline event check-ins and instant badge issuance. Benefit from our rapid QR code scanning for smooth attendee entries and utilize the immediate badge printing for polished identification. Harness live data insights to monitor attendance and adapt on-the-spot, ensuring event success. Optimize your onsite procedures with enavle.

Virtual Platform

Elevate Virtual Event Experience with enavle

With enavle's Virtual Platform, event organizers can easily manage and enhance the virtual aspect of their events. Our platform offers a user-friendly, TV-like interface for attendees to access event information, program schedules, sponsor information, speaker bios, private messaging, live comments and more. Additionally, event organizers can track viewership and engagement for all sessions, making it easy to identify the most popular content. And for sponsors, enavle's platform provides valuable data such as branding exposure, page views and session watch-time. Make your virtual event seamless and data-driven with enavle.

How it Works?

enavle is a platform that helps you manage attendees smoothly, improve sponsor and participant satisfaction, and increase the value of your event.

1. Signup/Login and Choose Your Plan

Sign up or log in to enavle. Once in, you'll be prompted to choose a plan that fits your event's scale. Various plans offer different features tailored to your needs.

2. Quick Event Setup

Input your event's basic details and customize its design in the dashboard. enavle offers flexibility in setting up tickets, registration forms, and confirmation emails.

3. Registration & Ticketing

Set up online payments through Stripe or PayPal. Customize your registration form to collect essential information from attendees.

4. Manage Your Event

Use the dashboard to track real-time analytics like ticket sales and attendee engagement. Send updates to attendees via enavle's email blasting feature

5. Day of the Event

For on-site events, use QR code scanning and badge printing for efficient check-ins. For virtual events, features like multi-track streaming keep your audience engaged.

6. Post-Event Analysis

After the event, access detailed reports on your dashboard to evaluate its success. Use this data for future event planning.

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